Michigan Leadership Institute

SUPES Academy was, without a doubt, the very best professional development I have ever experienced. Now in my 8th year as a superintendent, I still think back to the many lessons I learned, and I am grateful for how well they prepared me for all aspects of the job.

Kenneth Gutman, Superintendent of Schools
Walled Lake Consolidated Schools

The Superintendent’s Academy is the best professional development I have attended in my twenty-five years in education. It gave me a comprehensive view of the superintendency which included many real world examples to help one get started.

Rick Carsten, Superintendent
Ida Public Schools

I had just accepted a superintendent position, I applied to the SUPES Academy that fall and was accepted. I was able to use the information and training immediately. Even with 19 plus years of building level administration the transition into the role of being a superintendent is overwhelming. The tools, contacts and practical information received from the SUPES Academy provided immediate support and have continued to be helpful 6 years later.

Mark Dombroski, Superintendent
Cheboygan Area Schools

The Supes Academy has been invaluable in my leadership development and preparation to serve as a school superintendent. In addition to the preparation, Dr. Wilmot and MLI staff have provided ongoing on the job support when I have had questions or concerns. If you are interested in being a superintendent or investing in your own personal growth as a building or central office leader I highly recommend MLI Supes Academy.

Don Killingbeck
Supes Academy 2009
Hemlock Public School District

MLI SUPES Academy was a quality and highly relevant learning experience in preparation for the superintendency. I have longstanding relationships with the peers in my cohort to this day. The experience gave me the confidence to step up to the plate when asked to serve our community as the superintendent.

Tom Livezey, Superintendent
Oakridge Public Schools

As a graduate of Superintendent Academy I and II, I can say with complete confidence that the benefits of this program cannot be measured. My growth as our districts leader skyrocketed. I would recommend this program to all of my peers. Thank you!

Donald Haskin Jr., Superintendent
Atlanta Public Schools

It is an honor to offer my support for the Michigan Leadership Institute’s Superintendent Preparation Series Academy (SUPES Academy)! The Academy provides incredible learning experiences and support for those pursuing a Superintendent positon.

Dr. Josha Talison, Superintendent
Beecher Community Schools

My relationship started with MLI in 2001 with my first Superintendency at New Lothrop. Every position that I have held since then I have had Michigan Leadership Institute as a supportive partner. That includes my Superintendent's positions at Greenville and the Calhoun Intermediate School District.

The MLI Superintendent's Academy was a great way not only to prep for the Superintendency, but as a way to network with other sitting and aspiring Superintendent's. Many long standing relationships, professional and personal, came from that experience.

Dr. Terance Lunger, Superintendent
Calhoun Intermediate School District

As a 2007 participant in the MLI Superintendent Preparation Series Academy, I can attest the high quality of the program and to the positive impact my participation has had on my superintendency."

"The professional learning provided in the "Supes Academy" is delivered by successful educators who have walked the walk. The curriculum is highly relevant and the relationships developed through participation have been invaluable."

"I highly recommend MLI's "Supes Academy" to my colleagues who aspire to become superintendents. Participation in the "Supes Academy", along with MLI's facilitated Governance Team Training and Facilitated Strategic Planning, have helped build the foundation for the success of my district and my superintendency."

Brian Wilmot, Superintendent
Alpena-Montmorency-Alcona Educational Service District

I greatly appreciated my experience with the 2006 cohort and all that I learned helped my be better prepared as I enter my second year in Troy. I had hoped to be able to share that with you in person but at the last moment was unable to attend the reunion gathering at MASA. So….belated as it is, thank you!

Rich Machesky Ed.D., Superintendent
Troy School District

I attended the MLI Supes Academy during the 2013-14 school year. As a small school superintendent I have found that I put into practice many of the things I learned about during my time with my cohort. The interview training alone secured me a job as a superintendent. The Supes Academy gave me the confidence to apply for a superintendency. I have stayed in contact with a number of the people from my cohort. I can't thank MLI enough.

Dennis P. Paquette, Superintendent
Bangor Public Schools

The SUPES Academy, through the Michigan Leadership Institute, was an integral part of not only preparing me to interview and ultimately be hired for my first superintendency, it also helped throughout my first year as Superintendent of Schools. Additionally, being part of a cohort of professionals with varying backgrounds was tremendously valuable to me.

Phil Mikulski, Superintendent
West Branch-Rose City Area Schools

I attended the SUPES Academy Training in 2002 in preparation for becoming a Superintendent very early in my career. 12 years late,r with successful service in two districts, I can honestly say this was some of the most useful professional development I have had throughout my career. The topics and speakers were realistic, challenging and best replicated the difficult work of being a school superintendent. I would highly recommend this training to any considering becoming a superintendent or are early in their position.

I continue to highly recommend this training program for any contemplating the Superintendency as a career option. It is a great program and service to the students and schools across Michigan.

Mark Hagg, Superintendent
Onsted Community Schools

"The SUPES Academy has been by far the most valuable leadership development that I have experienced in my 18 years of education. The presenters use a variety of activities to not only cause you to reflect on your leadership style from a practical perspective, but from a spiritual perspective as well. The experience has helped me to lead with a sense of purpose."

Stiles X. Simmons, Superintendent of Schools
Baldwin Community Schools

MLI’s Supes Academy was the single most important professional development that I participated in to prepare myself to become a superintendent. It is a unique job in the educational field that does not have a specified job description. The Supes Academy provided me knowledge and resources that I use even today, six years into the job!

John Krimmel, Superintendent
Airport Community Schools

"SUPES Academy broadened my perspective on leadership and provided a framework for educational best practices. The professional learning lab, along with the cohort networking experience, was instrumental in my advancement as a highly effective educational leader."

Daveda J. Colbert, Ph.D.
Oak Park School District

The single most important aspect that I gleaned from Supes Academy is "Servant Leadership".

After 16 years as a school superintendent, I know that we still need to be servants. It guides all actions and liberates us to focus on the student and student achievement. Supes Academy thereby has positively affected our students.

It’s always easy to do what's right for kids.

Joe Powers, Superintendent
Crawford AuSable School District
former Superintendent of DeTour Area Schools

My experience in the very first cohort MLI initiated was the event that cemented my passion to become a superintendent at some point in my educational career.

I chose to remain at the building level principalship for several years to gain even more experiences that would ready me for a superintendent position. During that time I was able to use what I learned through my MLI training to improve my leadership at the building level.

I am now completing my second year as a superintendent and I still refer back to my MLI training at times. It was a great learning experience that indeed helped me prepare for this educational leadership role. I will always look back on the MLI experience with fondness and am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from some of the best.

Wishing MLI continued success in the Superintendent’s Academy leadership program. If you ever need someone to tell their story I would be glad to do so.

Paul K. Shepich, Superintendent
Clarenceville School District

Supes Academy gave me insight into the role of the superintendent that I would not have seen without actually experiencing the job for myself. I applaud Tim Quinn and MLI for their commitment to education through the cultivation and grooming of future superintendent candidates. Please continue to maintain that high level of passion for children and education as you prepare the next generation of superintendents. I will always hold in high regard the friends I gained through MLI's Supes Academy.

Mike Smajda, Superintendent
Western School District

The SUPES Academy provides an excellent opportunity for aspiring superintendents to explore themselves to the essential elements of the position and to determine the personal and professional fit.

The Michigan Leadership Institute with its SUPES Academy exposes strong educational leaders to the best strategies to obtaining a position and laying the foundation for success as a new superintendent.

Richard Naughton, Superintendent of Schools
Huron School District

I participated in MLI's Superintendent Preparation Series prior to becoming a superintendent. I was exploring the role. Now that I am a Superintendent, I recognize the benefit of the many and various topics and connections developed through the Series. In particular, the sessions related to Bonds, Resource Management, and Interacting with the Media have been helpful. I also used information from the session on the Superintendent Interview and Contract Negotiations during my search process. I felt very prepared.

Michele A. Harmala, Ph.D. Superintendent
Wayne-Westland Community Schools

This is what I know:
If not for MLI and Mike Wilmot, I probably wouldn’t be a superintendent today.
This is what I know for sure:
If not for MLI and Mike Wilmot, I would not be as successful and effective as I am today.

I have had the distinct honor of participating in SUPES I & II. The knowledge, insight, and overall wisdom that was shared with my cohort has proven to be invaluable. SUPES helped me in not only determining if the superintendent route was right for me, but if so, when was the correct timing. Additionally, SUPES ultimately prepared me for obtaining an offer. Today, SUPES continues to help me in becoming the most effective superintendent I can be.

Timothy R. Throne, Superintendent
Oxford Community Schools